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The Instrument Petting Zoo

Everything Starts
With A Beat

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Have you ever heard your favorite song and felt like tapping a beat out on the table?

Or always wanted to make your own rhythms?

Well here’s your chance to add to the natural sounds of nature! Pet and feed the instruments with good vibes and watch them sing out loud!

The Instrument Petting Zoo* is a pop-up musical and movement experience for all ages. Presenting and providing cultural awareness, music class, movement and social wellness.

TIPZ is a health focused interactive art and fitness showcase. We look forward to seeing you. Welcome to The Instrument Petting Zoo!

Real Work.

Real Results.


Music Class

Learn focus and eye-hand coordination, voice and pitch control, learn cultural rhythm


Movement Class

Follow along with Shaka in hand raises, two steps, dips and lifts for light cardio session


Proformance Showcase

Enjoy a quality spectrum of vibrational cognizance in a sound bath with vibrant beats for you and everyone to join in

Popular Vibes

Drum Circle

All are welcome to listen or join in the conversation with your instrument

Open Mic/Stage

Share your poem, song, or dance. Step right up, overcome your shyness

The Gather

A fun and safe environment to share healthy food, live music, and connection

Client Testimonials

“We really loved the party! It was so beautiful. It brought so much joy, and everyone needs it during this pandemic. It brought so much joy that afterward, some of the parents and I were thinking, what if we did an outdoor music class for the children at a local park, once a week..!”

Middle-Aged Parent of a 3 year-old

“Really good with the kids!”

Richard G - Photographer, Elder

“I like how you engage the youth and engage with them from a young, urban point of view”

Miguel G - OUSD Colleague

Pricing Plans

Reach out, lets build, have fun, and get connected!